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About Us

Bficient was established in 2002 and our clients range from very small companies of a few staff to medium size companies.


From day one we recognised that for us to be successful, our primary focus was to obtain recognition from our clients that they had selected a business partner who were sincere about supporting their businesses and worked extremely hard to help make their companies successful.

We do this by offering a very personal and tailored Back Office service for each client. Our clients’ interests are at the heart of everything we do and we are very successful on building trust and respect from every client. Our value is more than just delivering a compliance based service.

Engagement at every level ensures we build effective relationships with clients and become a respected part of your business.  Accepting and taking ownership of the Back Office for our clients allows our clients to focus on sales and running their businesses without the headache of constantly being drawn into Back Office problems.

You may think that delivering such an effective service would be expensive?


Bficient have achieved an exceptionally efficient and effective way of working whereby our own costs are as low as they can be. This means our fees to our clients are well below what you would expect for such an exceptional service.

We pride ourselves on the level of positive feedback we receive from our clients and the vast majority of our business come from referrals. You will receive an exceptional service as the next referral may be coming from you!

If you would like to discuss how a Bficient service could benefit your business, please call us on 01923 609 982 or contact us .


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