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Testimonials from a few of our clients...

“We have been working with Bficient since 2010 using both the wider company services and Svend as an external FD. Our company has grown from 2 Directors in a lounge through to 50 strong with offices in 3 countries in 2016. Bficient have scaled with us and provided both accounting services and invaluable advice. The best compliment I could provide would be their commitment to honesty & integrity. On occasion Bficient has advised against buying additional services from his company if they felt it would not benefit ours. They value the performance of our business first and this has led to a true partnership.”


Matt Churchward, Founder & Director

“Bficient revolutionised the way we run our back office accountancy function. By outsourcing to experts we have significantly reduced costs, errors and time. Not only that, we have a trusted advisor who truly understands the recruitment industry and all its nuances, who can provide insight, impartial advice and guidance when required. The Bficient team are much more to us than just a supplier of financial services and we would not have had the growth and success at Wells Tobias without their continued support”


Adam Tobias, Co-Founder

"I sincerely believe that being introduced to Bficient was our single most important moment of good fortune, after acquiring British Pathé, probably the most extensive, complete and important news archive used for licensing programme makers around the world.


Our direct financial savings of subcontracting all our financial and accounting functions to Bficient is we estimate at least 80%, including the savings in rent which we don’t have to pay for the people we don’t need to employ.


But even if not a penny had been saved and had we hired the best Finance Director in London, we would not have had such an efficient accounts department. We don’t get involved with invoicing customers, paying suppliers, dealing with payroll, doing management accounts (always ready by the 23rd of the following month), reconciling bank accounts, foreign exchange transactions which we have every day,  delivering files to auditors which are so complete that our audit costs are probably half of typical companies of our size. And one can always, within minutes or hours, get hold whomever one might want to talk to at Bficient from their CEO downwards. But as MD of British Pathé I don’t think I have needed to talk to anyone at Bficient more than 3 times in the past 8 years.


The value for money is remarkable and during the past 8 years our revenues have multiplied many fold, our number of weekly transactions by a far greater percentage, yet the cost of running all accounting functions has increased by less than 20%. Bficient know they could charge us more than double what they charge and we wouldn’t consider moving away from them. But they haven’t and wouldn’t. They are part of a rare breed and those who use their services are fortunate to have encountered them. I was introduced to them by a Finance Director of mine of many years gone by, who used Bficient as his accounts department when he joined a company listed on the stock exchange; and he suggested if I do the same for British Pathé I would never regret it. He was right”.


Roger Felber, CEO

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“We found Bficient via a recommendation from a friend with a fast-growth business, and boy am I happy we did! The Bficient team are unflappable and have calmly transformed our chaotic fledging start-up into an ordered, smooth operation. They’re always contactable, highly efficient and offer a great value service.”


Jonny Stevens, Co-Founder

“Bficient have been our best partner throughout our business growth and Svend’s advice and services have been critical in our business growth”


Kevin Redman, Director

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